School information

Most children in Rainsville attend Plainview School. Plainview is a public school with grades K-12. Employing approximately 60 teachers and serving around 1,200 students, Plainview has an excellent academic reputation and students' test scores consistently rank above the state average. Plainview's tradition of fine athletic teams is known throughout the state, and the Plainview Band consistently receives the highest ratings in competitions.

Northeast State Community College is a two-year public college located west of Rainsville. The college has excellent programs in nursing, performing arts, and other fields. A state-of-the-art auditorium, The Tom Bevill Lyceum, is home to the college's highly-acclaimed Theatre Department.

PHS school pic
Plainview High School

Rainsville is also home to the DeKalb County Vocational Technology Center, offering classes ranging from auto collision repair and welding to healthcare and cosmetology to students throughout the county school system.

There are also two private Christian schools in Rainsville. Cornerstone Christian Academy is located at 1600 McCurdy Avenue (Alabama Hwy 75) North.

Cornerstone Christian photo
Cornerstone Christian Academy

One Faith in All Academy is located at 307 Sam Ellis Drive.