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Public storm shelters in the Rainsville area

Shelter Street location Contact info Notes
FEMA Storm Shelter at Plainview School 76 Chavies Road, Rainsville Rainsville Police Department: 256.638.2157; Rainsville Fire Department: 256.638.8055 Shelter is only open to the public when school is not in session
Broadway Baptist Church (designated Red Cross Shelter) 99 McCurdy Avenue S, Rainsville Church office: 256.638.7372 Entrance to basement  (fellowship hall) in rear
First Baptist Church 223 Church Avenue, Rainsville Church office: 256.638.8637 Entrance to basement  (fellowship hall) in rear
Rainsville Police Department 42 McCurdy Avenue S, Rainsville Rainsville Police Department: 256.638.2157 Limited space/ accommodations
Upper Sand Mountain Parrish 24474 AL Hwy 35, Sylvania Parrish Office: 256.638.2126; City of Sylvania Police Department: 256.638.2204; City of Sylvania Fire Department: 256.638.1070 Storm Shelter Open daily Mon.-Thurs., 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Sylvania Police/Fire have the key to open the Parrish shelter outside of these hours

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Community storm shelter rules

· No Smoking
· No Alcohol
· No Pets
· No Profanity
· No Weapons
· No Illicit Drugs
· Children must be kept under control by parents
· Each person will be responsible for keeping shelter clean
· Noise should be kept to a minimum
· Once inside shelter, you must remain there until shelter manager says it’s safe to return home.
· Only one small bag will be allowed by each occupant
· Each person in shelter is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere, or cause problems, for the other occupants.
· Any problems inside the shelter should be reported to the on-site shelter manager, immediately.
· Any special needs should be pre-arranged, and can be done by contacting the site contact(s).
· All occupants will obey the on-site shelter manager and any public safety officer’s instructions while inside the shelter. Anyone not complying with orders may be expelled or arrested.